Jordy Travis, California
Dana is the real deal! She has been my mentor coach in both a small group setting and 1 on 1 and it is an honor and a pleasure to work with her. Dana is genuine, generous, kind, smart and she has this uncanny way of getting to the core of the issue with laser-like precision, warmth and strength.

Before working with Dana, I absolutely dreaded the business-bulding side of being a coach. I would literally find reasons to procrastinate. Since she began coaching me, I am on a manageable and doable path and am seeing results that would have been impossible for me to reach without her.

Dana is the coach who most of us mentees are striving to become. She keeps us honest, real and helps us hone our skills. Her feedback is constructive and invaluable as she moves us forward by leaps every session. I have had too many aha moments to count!

It is amazing to be coached by someone who really cares and really wants me to succeed. She is one of the best people and coaches I have ever met. Dana is invaluable and I cannot imagine this journey without her. (December 1, 2017)


Beth Vagle
I hired Dana to work with me as a mentor coach, while finishing my requirements for my ICF and PCAC credentials. It was such a pleasure to work with her!  Anyone who is working towards these credentials knows there are many hoops to jump through, and that it can be a stressful process. Dana has a calming, supportive, and professional (and fun!) demeanor that instantly made me feel comfortable. Her understanding and mastery of the ICF core competencies and her ability to clearly communicate them gave me the opportunity to quickly improve my coaching skills. By the time I was in the final stretch, I felt comfortable and ready for my practicums and exams. Thank you Dana! (September 28, 2016)

Elizabeth Stillwell
Dana Maher was my mentor coach and I wouldn't hesitate to hire her again.  Working with Dana Maher was a very relaxing and positive experience.  She was supportive and caring.  I never felt my fears or anxieties were overlooked.  (2016)

Diana Wallace
My relationship with Dana started when I was a student at the ADD Coach Academy.  She was my instructor during one of the modules.  I was impressed with her ability to expand beyond our reading material and incorporate learning through some novel experiences.  She brought case studies and personal experiences that made the class interesting and valuable.  I also appreciated her concern for our understanding of the class material.  After class hours, she was conscientious in answering emails in a timely manner and following through with sending information and material the students requested during the class conversation.  Because of my positive experience with Dana as my teacher, I was very interested in reaching out to Dana to be my mentor coach, which is part of my graduation requirements at ADDCA.    I ended up hiring her as my mentor coach as well as my personal coach.

I have thoroughly appreciated Dana as a mentor and a coach.  She authentically encouraged me when I most needed it to keep me moving. As a mentor, she went beyond her job description to read and offer helpful advice regarding my class project.  She was understanding and patient, as I worked through the kinks of my coach recording sessions, which took more time than she had requested.  What I value most about working with Dana is her competency in asking just the right question that brought new awareness and clarity to my behavior or thought.  I found her feedback and insights valuable in my coaching practice.  

While working with Dana, expect a respectable professional that is also very approachable and kind. I would recommend Dana as a life coach and a mentor.  She has positively impacted my education, coaching practice and life.  Thank you, Dana. (2016)


Kirsten Milliken, Poobah of Play at PlayDHD 
If only life were easy… wait! It is easy with a coach like Dana. I have known Dana since we were students together in our coaching class. She was the only other one to graduate and get certified with me. Both personally and professionally we just seemed to click. It’s no surprise that when I found myself in need of a new coach to keep me on track with my multitude of projects, Dana was the only one I knew who could coach me and hold me accountable. Dana always knows the right question to ask to make me think about all of the “stuff” that is going on in my head so I can get perspective and follow the best path for me. She listens well and is fabulous at helping me to see the big picture and put things in perspective. One of the challenges we have as humans is seeing ourselves clearly across time. Figuring out our own habits and patterns. As my coach Dana has been able to help me get better perspective on how I get in my own way, what is most important to me, and where I do my best. With her support as my coach I have made more progress in a short few weeks than I made all last year on 3 projects. I like life being easy… thanks to Dana. (2014)


Kathy Tunis-Salas, Personal Coach Specializing ADHD & Bipolar Disorder
Dana is an amazing Personal Coach. After working with her for just three months, I was able to accomplish something I didn't think was possible. I highly recommend her. Anyone who uses Dana as a Coach will be working with the best! (2012)